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Custom Made Elliptical Pilot Wing 1

Custom Made Elliptical Pilot Wing 1

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*Price above is for 10 units. If more is required, please click Customize Me to select another quantity!

Custom Made Elliptical Pilot Wing 

Elliptical Pilot wings are short and rounded wings. This design has a double layer with shorter and are more circular in shape.

  • Size: Up to 70mm
  • Material: Brass
  • Raised and recessed with or without enamel fill and printed! (Image shows recessed with enamel fill)
  • Enamel fill can be any colour.
  • Choose from different plating options
  • Can be custom shaped (round or cut to logo shape. etc). Send us your logo and design instructions using the form below.
  • Backing Option (Butterfly Clip, Safety Pin, Magnet or Rubber)

Get more flexibility and customisation options by sending us your logo/design and specific instructions using the form below. You will then receive a complimentary artwork from us. 

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