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Custom Made Passive Pilot Wing 6

Custom Made Passive Pilot Wing 6

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*Price above is for 10 units. If more is required, please click Customize Me to select another quantity!

Custom Made Passive Pilot Wing

Passive Pilot Wing has a long primary design, this design is spread out that it creates "slots"(breakage in wings).

  • Size: Up to 70mm
  • Material: Brass
  • Raised and recessed with or without enamel fill and printed! (Image shows recessed with enamel fill)
  • Enamel fill can be any colour.
  • Choose from different plating options
  • Can be custom shaped (round or cut to logo shape. etc). Send us your logo and design instructions using the form below.
  • Backing Option (Butterfly Clip, Safety Pin, Magnet or Rubber)

Get more flexibility and customisation options by sending us your logo/design and specific instructions using the form below. You will then receive a complimentary artwork from us. 

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